McIntosh C2600 not reading DSD128

Hello, I have a McIntosh C2600 preamp with a built in DAC.

I have a Windows 10 laptop connected via USB cable. I remotely control the laptop with a Galaxy S9+ phone. I have been able to decode MQA from Tidal at 48KHz and play DSD128.

Now the DSD128 isn’t showing up in the display anymore. (44.1KHz is now) The MQA part is still showing at 48KHz.

What happened, I didn’t change any settings since?

Thanks Paul

PS I am using wifi as before! I also switched from ASIO TO WASAPI AND BACK NO CHANGE.

Here are my settings…

Hi @Paul_Ishman,

As far as I can tell the McIntosh C2600 is not an MQA DAC, so will want Roon to handle the first MQA unfold. To do this, you can set the MQA Capabilites to “No MQA Support” and then press “Show Advanced” and set “Enable MQA Core Decoder” to yes.

As for the DSD aspect of this, I gather that you were likely using Roon’s DSP Engine to perform the up-sampling. I would access the DSP engine menu by right-clicking the zone in the zone picker (bottom right-hand corner of Roon) -> DSP. There, you will have the option to enable Sample Rate Conversion and set the DSD upsampling to DSD128 like so:

Thank You, finally figured it out.

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