McIntosh C52 Roon Tested

Yay!! Finally, my C52 is Roon Tested…Now need to check if the USB muting at the start of tracks is resolved!

I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Hi Mike,

any news?

I have the same problem!


There is now a firmware fix that can be done, but you need to send it back to an Authorized service center, apparently it’s not user serviceable. From what I understand the fix adds the ability to turn off the auto-mute function. It’s on my list of things to do I’ve not had a chance to send the unit away for the work to be done. In the meantime I’m using the coax input on the DAC.

Dear Mike,

Mcintosh support sent me an email:
“We have a beta firmware version that includes a USB automate feature that may benefit you. Essentially it gets rid of the delay at the beginning of the song. If you try to send the DAC a digital format its not familiar with or changing formats there may be a burst of noise the automute is designed to get rid off. Would you like to try it?”

I’'ve tried but it is very complicates!

Did you have to send the unit back to McIntosh to try the firmware? Or did you do it yourself?

I’ve tried by myself but it is too complicated.
Tomorrow I am going to contact Mcintosh distributor in Italy to check if they can install new firmware.
But did you do at yout C52?

I’ve not done it yet as McIntosh said I had to send it to them. I’d love to try and do it myself. Can you PM me?

Anyone else had any experience or luck with this beta C52 firmware? Would really love to disable the auto-mute function of the USB input.

Hi Marco - did McIntosh send you the firmware file and instructions directly or give you a download link? I contacted McIntosh support but have yet to receive a response - very curious about this beta firmware, the autmute function makes the USB input almost unusable. Thanks in advance.

Hi George,
Mcintosh answered me with instructions to update the firmware but it was very complicated for me.
I really don’t know how to solve this situation. I am very angry for this…
Big delusion for a very expensive product!!

@Marco_Fullone Would you be willing to share the instructions?

@Mike_Ormerod McIntosh sent me the instructions and firmware bin file (v1.07 in case anyone is curious) - if you message support through the McIntosh website they will send it over. The process is pretty basic and not all that difficult if you have a Windows machine to run the updater on.

Last time I asked I was told it needed to be done by a service center! Any chance you could pm me the details?

Thanks for the reply Marco, McIntosh did finally send me the info and firmware file. I didn’t think the update process was too complicated though I work in the tech industry and have a fair amount of experience with that type of process.

Hi @Mike_Ormerod I would happily pm you the details… unfortunately it appears I have not unlocked that ability on the Roon forums…

@George_Waldren - I just sent you a message through here :slight_smile: