McIntosh DA2 module - USB audio problem fixed?

Hi! I’m currently trying to build out a dedicated two-channel room, and I’m leaning toward McIntosh amp and preamp or integrated. I’ve read that there was some kind of “fade-in” problem with USB connections to the earlier DA1 module. Does anyone know if that’s been fixed in the DA2 module? Anyone using the DA2 connected to a Nucleus via USB? Do you have any problems?



If you go tubes, you can get a pre or integrated without a DAC module. There are certainly affordable dedicated DACs that sound better than the McIntosh internal DACs.

C22 or C70 are 2 pre options.

MA252 or MA352 are 2 integrated options.

I no longer use the DA1 module but never had a fade-in problem, but I did have it skip the lead note to an album. While Mc charges $1k to have a dealer install the DA2 (which simply bolts in), an outboard DAC has much to recommend it.

Curious, that $1k includes the DA2 correct? Or is it $1k + $1k = $2k?

Oh, no, it is the board and installation. But it is expensive for what it is, and I assume that many would prefer an outboard DAC. We did.

There was an online dealership that would sell you the board for about $850 but I believe Mc put an end to that.