Mcintosh displays 48kHz all the time [Solved]


Salk Streamer III via USB to Mcintosh C2600 Preamp.

Display always shows 48 kHz no matter what file is playing. From DSD to 192kHz to red book.

Am I missing anything here?

Thank you.

Luis D. Paret
Keller, TX

Hi @Luis_D_Paret ---- Thank you for the report. To help me accurately evaluate this issue, may I kindly ask you for the following:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your setup as seen here.

  2. Can you please provide screen shots of your zone settings when you are trying to use this setup ( Salk Streamer III via USB to Mcintosh C2600 Preamp).

  3. Can you please provide screenshots of the signal path coming out of Roon.


With your request you clued me into the solution.

I had the wrong zone selected and when I fixed it everything works properly now.

Thank you.

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Hi @Luis_D_Paret ----- Thank you for the feedback! Happy listening!