Media control using IR remote for a USB device connected to Roon Bridge on Windows

I have Roon Bridge running on a Windows 10 laptop connected via USB in exclusive mode to a Peachtree integrated amplifier. I also have the TIDAL desktop application on that same laptop using exclusive mode. When playing from the TIDAL app the keys on the Peachtree IR remote work for play/pause, previous track and next track.

Is it possible for Roon bridge to recognize these Peachtree media controls through USB? That’s far more convenient than accessing through Roon remote, especially for guests.

Since your remote allready works with Tidal it probably sends standard media commands. Roon also responds to standard media commands so it is possible it just works out of the box if you just use the full Roon version instead of Roon Bridge.

If not, use Flirc USB

Thanks for your help. For reasons unknown, the old Windows laptop that’s connected to my amp will not run full Roon. It starts to open, then immediately closes. I connected a different laptop to my amp and confirmed that IR media controls pass-through to full Roon.

Is it possible to update Roon bridge to also receive those commands, or is there a technical hurdle to doing that? Even if my connected laptop could run full Roon, I would prefer to have less overhead by running only Bridge and I don’t need the GUI at my audio rack.

No, it’s not possible. Roon bridge is nothing more than the network audio receiver (RAAT), it has no user interface whatsoever, not on a graphical level but also not on a commandline level so it can’t receive any user commands.

If you don’t need a user interface you could also use a Raspberry Pi (version 2,3 or 4, they all work) with Ropiee on it and use a FLIRC infrared receiver with it. This way you have a USB endpoint with the capabilty of infrared remote control. I use this solution myself in my study room.