Media is loading slowly error in Roon

So this worked for 9 days. Now I’m getting the “… media is loading slowly” message again.

In this specific case it is occurring regardless of whether it is a FLAC file in my library or a Tidal stream. I’m getting the message on my MacBook Air zone, but there is a Sonos Play:1 speaker sitting 5 feet from me that is attached to the same Wifi network and it is not happening when I switch to that zone. Also, no issue streaming via the Tidal desktop app running on the MacBook Air.

No lag or other issues when navigating the Roon UI.

I tried cleaning up my database again, but that didn’t help this time. @support

Relative to mine, yes :slight_smile:

Hi @mrvco,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for the Zone in Roon?

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting that MacBook Air?

So this issue seems to come and go. When it occurs it occurs regardless of whether I’m trying to play from Tidal or my local library. It happens regardless of device, I’m sitting here with a MacBook Air, 10.5" iPad Pro and an LG v40 phone and it is happening on all three devices. There are no issues streaming via the Tidal app or from any other streaming services (e.g. YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, etc.). Speed tests are all good.

I noticed the issue again last night and it was still occurring this morning. Having my MacBook Air handy this morning, I was able to remote desktop to my Mac Mini running Roon Server and restarting it resolved the issue. I didn’t think to try killing and restarting Roon Server first, but will try that the next time this occurs. I’ll have to keep track of how long it takes for the issue to crop up again for further testing. There doesn’t seem to be any specific thing I do with Roon or the Mac Mini that consistently triggers it.

Are there any logs that I can pull from Roon Server that might indicate what is causing this issue? It doesn’t seem to occur when connected to my wired network or even when connected to the WAP closest to the Mac Mini running Roon Server.

Hi @mrvco,

The next time you’re in this state where it says that Media is loading slowly, can you try to play local content to System Output of the Core machine? In that configuration during this time do things work for you?

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