Media loading slowly errors

Hi @support

After months of running Roon without a hitch, I unfortunately had to move house and change my setup, and now the dreaded "media loading slowly” messages and track-skipping are back! How can I troubleshoot this?

My system is as follows:

Roon core running on Asus i7-based laptop with 8GB RAM (Windows 10) connected to D-Link 850L router via ethernet cable; music files on USB HDD attached to laptop

Roon endpoint is SOTM SMS-200 Ultra-NEO connected to Chord Hugo TT2 via USB, and to slave router (D-Link AC1300) via ethernet cable reports network download speed of approx 70Mbps (Netflix 4K movies stream without a hitch)

I’m getting frequent dropouts on locally stored files of all resolutions and Qobuz streams (Qobuz app running on PC plays Qobuz streams without issues).

Thanks for any suggestions.


HI Neville,
I’ve moved your post to the Support section where it will be seen by the support staff. Are you using a new router as your posts mention using 2 on the same network?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I have a different setup in my new place. My main router is in the office; my hifi gear and Smart TV are connected (by cables) to a slave router in the living room.


Hi @Neville_Clarkson! If you play local content to System Output of the laptop do you see the same errors?

Hi Dylan,

I’ve played about 10 tracks via the system output and none of them dropped out. Does that mean the problem is somewhere on the network?



Hello @Neville_Clarkson, a networking issue is definitely a possibility for these kinds of issues. Have you tried using Google or Cloudflare DNS to see if this helps?

Hi. I started using Google’s DNS and haven’t had any problems since. Thanks for your help.

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