Medieval-Renaissance Music

Really liking this station. If you’re unfamiliar with early music, I recommend giving it a listen. It is odd (and also perhaps not odd, given history) how much it sometimes sounds like current “world music”, blending Arabic, European, and other rhythmic influences.


Thanks! I love that stuff. Sad that the streaming so incredibly low end though.

I took another look; unfortunately this is the only stream. However, strangely, Roon has misidentified the rate; it is in fact 128k (as is shown in the signal path). I’ve altered the description to suit.

Thanks, Brian! I thought it sounded better than 64k. It is too bad that it isn’t higher quality, but they are obviously a volunteer organization strapped for funds - website has a GoFundMe to support them.

Sackbuts sound much better at 128k :slight_smile:


Got to the bottom of this. The site itself is misidentifying the stream. Roon is right.

I just requested the Concertzender theme channels to be added to Live Radio. They’ve got a Gregorian channel (Gregoriaans), a barok channel and an old music “Oude Muziek” channel.

Search for “Concertzender” in Roon.

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