Mediocre sound quality with Roonbridge to endpoints


I am a new user on trial…

I am experiencing mediocre sound quality with Roonbridge to endpoints. I posted about this on other sites and others using different DACs do not share my experience.

My system is as follows:

Roon Core system (win 10 custom machine, i5, 64 gb) ram) on wifi network with hub and then Ethernet to:

RoonBridge on RPi2/HifiBerry Digi ±->Coax --> Schiit Modi Multibit --> Schiit Vali2–> Senn HD650

RoonBridge on NanoPi Neo -->USB–>Schiit Modi Multibit --> Schiit Vali2–> Senn HD650

I get bit-perfect audio through both setups however the sound has a compressed soundstage without layering and little sense of space around individual instruments. This is compared to the sound of JRMC to Volumio installed RPi2/HifiBerry Digi ±->Coax --> Schiit Modi Multibit --> Schiit Vali2–> Senn HD650

I did some reading and realized that when I have Roonbridge devices connected to the Schiit Modi Multibit DAC that it doesn’t give me the option to select “Exclusive Mode”, however if I plug the DAC directly into the machine that has Roon Core (Windows 10) the DAC is recognized and gives me the “Exclusive Mode” check box, etc. Is this because of the Linux ALSA versus Windows drivers? I searched on the Roon Forums and I can’t find any answers.

Any advice and help would be huge. I would definitely subscribe if I can get equivalent sound.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Exclusive Mode is a setting that relates to the audio device of a computer where Roon is connected to an Output through that computer’s audio device. It allows Roon to take exclusive control of the audio device.

Roon connects to Network zones using the Ethernet/WiFi controllers, not the audio device, so Exclusive Mode on the Core or a Remote doesn’t appear as an option for Network zones.

Within the Pi, and as set out in the KB page linked above, Roon always uses Exclusive Mode with ALSA.

I can’t see any reason from your connection descriptions why you wouldn’t be getting an equivalent sound. It may be that others may be able to assist.

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You sure you have no DSP, upsampling and what have you happening when using jrmc?

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No change with JRMC settings. Just using standard FLAC burns of CDs.