Melco and Roon set up

I have got Roon to see my library, stored on my Melco but I can’t get Roon to output from the Melco. It only ‘sees’ my computer outputs.
Set up is iMac Mini running latest OS. New Melco but not updated software. Melco plugged into BT Router but computer on wifi.

Hi @Gordon_Andrews – as far as I know, the Melco devices only support UPnP, so Roon isn’t going to be able to stream to that device.

Am I correct that you’re trying to use UPnP here?

Yes. Melco is connected to Chord DAC and router but not to computer. (And thanks - think Roon have lost a sale)

Roon can’t force vendors to become RoonReady - I’m sure they’d love to have Melco onboard. A while back I was looking at buying a Melco and they assured me it was on the cards but then everything fizzled out. So in that sense Melco lost my sale and I bought something compatible with Roon.

Since you already have the unit - pester Melco directly about Roon and hopefully you’ll be able to use it in the future. :slight_smile: