Melco loses connection

Roon Core Machine

Nuc 10 i5, 16gb memory

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet direct connection (English electric switch), chord Ethernet cables.

Connected Audio Devices

Nuc → Melco → qutest → feliks envy

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon looses connection to the melco streamer, the device isn’t listed anymore as audio zone after few days. The melco streamer is still online (pingAble) and still has the same ip (static).

Not sure if Roon is the problem or the melco device, it worked before the last major release (arc)

Have you checked the Ethernet port on the NUC? Have you tried switching cables or ports on the Melco? I doubt this is a Roon issue, but what version of Roon are you using on the ROCK?

Thanks for your help, yes Ingried everything, I’m a developer too and tried all possible layer 8 cases.

Can you swap the Melco switch with another switch, even a cheap 5-port switch, to help isolate where the issue may be occuring?

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I do not own a melco switch, I use an English electric switch, the melco device I’m talking about is a melco streamer.

I can try but same happens even if I take out the switch entirely and connect my nuc to the melco directly.

It does not happen right away, it just happens after a few days. The only thing that had changed is the Roon version updates…. Everything else is exactly the same and worked like a charm for months

I am going to tag @support, there may be something in the logs that can assist with diagnosing what you are experiencing.

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Thanks Robert :kissing_heart:

Hey @Florian_Schade,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for your patience while we continue to work through each thread.

I wanted to check in to see how things are running as of late? If possible, can you please take note of the date and time the next time you experience connectivity issues?

With that, what firmware version are you currently running on the Melco? You can verify if its the latest version here : Downloads - Melco Audio

Let me know :+1: