Melco N10 4.04b roon ready?

Hello all.

I am experiencing a problem with my Nucleus not displaying a Melco N10 as an available audio device after updating the N10 to release 4.04b of which Buffalo audio (manufacturer of melco) claims this release adds “Roon Ready” capability to the device.
see under header release notes.

Is this release 4.04b validated by Roon?

I am really eager for this to work as I find a direct USB connection from the N10 to my T+A DAC8 superior in SQ as opposed to the current setup wherby the N10 is just an external storage device for the Roon Nucleus.

Any insights are appreciated.

Most devices that are Roon Ready normally have some method of activating that functionality from within its config pages. I don’t know how a Melco device is administered but I suspect it needs to be told you wish to use it with Roon.

Hi, I appreciate your suggestion but there is no setting anywhere in the system setup of the N10 with release 4.04b that appears to be related to Roon.

Any oher ideas?

Melco is your best option for a solution then. There should be some sort of documentation that demonstrates how it should work.

Is there a Roon Ready Controller Mode in the USB-DAC setting menu of Melco, after plugging in a USB DAC?

Peter, spot on.

Docs by Melco leave something to be desired. But you were right. Txs a million.

Works fine now.

Hello @PieterJan_Spijkerman, glad you got some assistance here! Please let me know if you have any further questions.