Melco’s S100 low-noise network switch

Has anyone had any experience with Melco S100 network switch? I’m thinking about purchasing one and would like some info prior to purchase.

Cheese ‘n’ crackers, not again.

Here comes 1000+ posts from those who hear a difference with Melco and from everybody else.

Here’s a taste -

Maybe it will mercifully be closed as this one was -


I find it hard to believe there aren’t better ways to spend two grand on your hi-fi system. Are you sure you are not clutching at very expensive straws? Could it not be time to revise your whole approach and see if there’s a better way out of whatever problem you think this will solve?

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There are a number of solutions out there now that offer some protection from switch self noise and network borne noise. My experience is that they can have a positive impact on the listener experience. But I have no direct experience of the Melco.

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