Melco shows "Usable internal drive not found. (Error 111)"

Roon Core Machine

Melco N1
Roon Nucleus
Meridian 218
Windows 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link - Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian 218

Library Size

20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

After installing update to 1.8 (build 814) I get

“Usable internal drive not found. (Error 111)”

Tried “Try repair…” and also restarting N1, Nucleus, TP-Link

OK so are we to assume that the Nucleus is the core machine…you list 4 different devices under Core!

Please give a screen shot of this error (we might assume that it is in the Nucleus Web GUI but just to be sure. If its not on the Nucleus then where?

Thanks for your response.
The error is showing on the hardware, not the GUI
Does this help (attached) - That’s the roon nucleus on top of the Melco. I presume the Melco is the core and the Nucleus is the storage? The Melco, Nucleus and the Meridian 218 all plug into the same network switch (TP-Link)

Looking at my [settings] [about] it seems the Nucleus is the core. So wtf the N1 does beats me - apart from stopping me accessing my sampled CDs.

Looks like a melco issue…better contact their support

This is a really inadvisable way to run your Nucleus. You should never put anything on top of it, and make sure it has ample airflow. You are reducing its lifespan quite a bit by not giving it proper ventilation.

No, it’d be the other way around. Nucleus is the Roon Core, and the Melco is like a NAS (storage).

Yes. From that error, it looks like the Melco’s internal drive(s) have failed.

I don’t know why you have the Melco (there may be a good reason), but I personally would put an SSD inside the Nucleus and scrap the Melco.

Melco had died. Just out of guarantee. Great