Memory for photos/artwork

How much memory are people allocating under the “memory for photos/artwork” in Roon settings/setup? I noticed that many images did not seem to be cached (there is a slight delay on scrolling through albums for the album cover images to be generated), and so increased the memory setting up to 2GB. I then started scrolling through all of my albums so that Roon could cache them all, but Roon keeps crashing after I get about 1/3 of the way through.

My system is Intel i7, 8GB RAM, Windows 10. 8738 albums in Roon.

I’ve never changed the default value I think which is 256 MB - I’ve ca. 1600 albums. I rarely notice a delay when browsing albums. Out of curiosity I lowered it to 128 MB and the delay got somehow noticeable (but still bearable). If this could be extrapolated in a linear way it would mean you’d need 1.5 GB but I doubt it’s that easy.

Also I believe the cache value refers to the amount of RAM used so it’s understandable that when there are 8 GB in total things get unreliable if 2 GB are reserved / used just for image caching.

Has this setting been removed? I can’t seem to find it any more.