Memory leak in Roon?! [Solved: Update to Build 970]

I’ll only know in a few days with any certainty if 846 has solved this on my Synology … but after 6 hours the signs are positive. :crossed_fingers:


Still looking good … Not seen this in a long time

Sure, we hope all, that the issue is solved :slightly_smiling_face:
But it can be different, in using a lot of endpoints, dsps or changing (import/export) files.
I’m also since many years software developer for bigger and critical systems and I know, that’s hard to fix really all memory leaks in complex systems.

I’m seeing really bad memory leaks here (1.8, build 831; M1 Mac mini w/ 8GB of ram; 61656 tracks, 9965 albums; no DSP; Qobuz, tidal & music on a local SSD) - over as little as 2 days it goes from 1GB of ram used to 12GB, at which point I get audio interruption during playback / the client seems to disconnect from the core for a a few seconds sometimes.

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I’m also having problems on an M1 Mac (16GB, running Monterey) and have a script running to reboot the core twice a week. Things seemed to improve when upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey, but the problem still exists: increased memory usage, followed by a slow down in peformance (loading album pages etc), followed by audio interruptions (ranging from momentary up to a few seconds or so).

This seems similar to the problem we had running Core on Linux, as long as it was based on Mono. With the recent new release based on .NET things have become much better. I remember a post where Danny wrote that he was pushing for having Mono replaced on MacOS rather sooner than later… this will be the solution to the degrading performance under increasing memory use.


I also see a memory issue and it cripples my entire Roon system after 48–72 hours. Only killing Roon Core and restarting that process (or a full reboot of the core) fixes this. It’s maddening and seemed to only become a problem since I upgraded to build 850. Linux Core here running on an Ubuntu Server running on NUC hardware.

Pertinent parts of uname -va
5.11.0-40-generic #44~20.04.2-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 26 18:07:44

Mines at 4.125G after 3 days. Just restarted and it grows quite quickly. Putting this here so that I can come back in 20 days or something and compare.

Monterey 12.1 seems like a big improvement. It’s too early to tell if it’s completely fixed the memory leak(s) on my Mac mini M1, but it’s definitely slowed it right down. No appreciable increase in RAM usage for Roon Server, but a marginal increase for the Roon client over the same time period.

My MBP i9 64Gb on Catalina uses 10-25Gb of memory for 900000 tracks (but i have to restart every day, because when start to play it is skipping tracks) . The last big update seems to resolve the track jumping issue , but the next small killed 50% of my artworks :frowning: I hope Roon will fix all of issues on mac very soon…

I spoke too soon. Roon Server is still chewing its way through RAM, necessitating a restart every few days to prevent slow downs.

Yeah, mine is eating way too much also. When I look at how much Plex uses, doing essentially the same job as Roon, except not only does it have the same music and Tidal integration, but video and pictures as well. Further, there are active users on Plex, while at the time of the below screenshot, no active users on Roon. It seems to be there is some architectural decision limiting Roon’s ability to manage memory properly, or the devs don’t believe it’s a problem. Believe me, over 6G of RAM being used, is most definitely a problem.

Here is Roon (after 5 days)
Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 5.11.47 PM

Here is Plex after months
Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 5.15.53 PM

I am nearly getting to the point where I just want to turn Roon off and use Tidal because it’s easier and the time it takes to start Roon these days is also appalling.

In the chance case someone from Roon comes here, any chance you guys can dream up a way of making Roon use MB’s of data instead of GB’s like the competition does?



I’m also seeing a large rapid memory leak with the latest Roon. Roon Core has been running for years without issue on MacOS High Sierra (old system so can’t be upgraded). Recently, Roon has been triggering system out of memory errors. I just logged it from initial startup of Roon - to the first system message appearing is about 5 minutes - at which point Roon has slowly grown from an initial 2Gb of Memory to just under 10Gb (the amount of physical memory in the system). At this point, the system slows to a crawl and is unusable. I can’t currently use Roon at all. Any suggestions?

I wouldn’t run an old OS. You could try putting a modern Linux on that Mac, and see if you do better. Roon has been upgrading the foundations of their Core software, moving to the official .NET platform from the older Mono base, so I wouldn’t be surprised if older platforms begin to fail.

What kind of Mac are you running the Core on?
Just like What Bill says, it can be a better solution to install your Core on e.g. Linux if it is possible.
A mac mini e.g. i5 or i7 supports this and has proven to be a stable platform.
In general, running applications on old not updateble operating systems is not advised.

I also experience the memory leak issue. It seems it’s getting worse lately. Typically, Roon uses +/- 3.7gb of RAM but slowly crawls up to 5gb or more, even if Roon is not in use. Then switching albums or songs takes 10 sec or more and the app in iOS becomes unresponsive. Things improve if restarting Roon, but problem comes back sometimes over days and sometimes over minutes.
The problem has gotten worse lately, not sure if because of Roon or OS updates.
I’m running Roon (latest version) on a dedicated, headless Mac mini M1 with 8gb RAM and Mac OS Monterrey 12.3

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I noticed this too and it seems to be related to Tidal somehow. My linux roon server was using 48GB RAM last week. I resorted to setting up a cron job to recycle the services once a day at 5am. It’s helped, but roon is now starting to crash. I am still looking into the root cause and that’s why I’m here.

Do we have any updates to the progress of this? In my Debian 11 box, Roon is consuming up to 20GB+ when only one endpoint is streaming off of the server.

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The worst thing about this is Roon has actually become slow - which is the opposite effect that you would expect from allocating lots of ram. Also don’t know if anyone else has slow initial login times when first starting Roon? Like 5ish minutes. It seems to be related to logging in i.e. if I start Roon and didn’t have cached credentials, then login after a day, it’s still takes 5 minutes or so.

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My experience with running Roon Core on Ubuntu 20.04 server has been actually rather positive, since Roon ported the core from Mono to .NET. With my 220.000 tracks it is running very well, with RAM usage between 3.5-6.2 GB, stable, responsive and without need to restart Roon server because of slow-downs as before.

I run scheduled backups in the early hours of the morning, and one thing I noticed is that after a backup run RAM usage drops… there must be some effective garbage collecting going on.