Memory leak issue in Roon on MacBook Pro (ref#05J5L7)

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Describe the issue

There's a memory leak with Roon on my MacBook Pro. After a restart, memory usage is ~1GB. Over a few days, it goes up to 6.5GB.

Describe your network setup

Synology router / mesh network, Cisco switches, fiber & ethernet, Roon Nucleus+

Hello @Herman_Gordon ,

When you are next in the high RAM state, can you use these instructions to access your Roon logs (on the Mac) and upload a set for review to the below link, and let us know once uploaded?

Also, I am seeing a few Macs registered to your account, please confirm which of the Macs are impacted, I am seeing one M3 and one or two M1s?

OK, I uploaded the zipped logs with my email as the file name. Roon is currently using 9.1GB. This is on my M3 Max. The M1s should be decommissioned, but there could be an M2 also using Roon.