Memory leak still in 970?

Roon Core Machine

Library: QNAP TS451-D2 NAS (hardwired via ethernet)
Core: Intel NUC NUC8i3BEH w/ 8GB RAM and Windows 11 (hardwired via ethernet)
Remotes: Ryzen 9-based Windows 11 PC with 32GB RAM (via dedicated wifi6 channel), various Samsung Android phones, some iPad Airs, a bunch of Google Home speakers, etc.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core and NAS hardwired via TP-link AX11000 router
1GB AT&T Fiber internet connection (around 3ms latency)

Connected Audio Devices

Too many to list on the network, but Core is connected to Denon AVR-X3700H via HDMI

Number of Tracks in Library

50,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Even with 970, my RAM use on the Core increases over time leading to eventual sluggishness. Prior to 970, it would use all the system’s RAM (8GB) and become totally unresponsive within a few hours. With 970 it is much better, starting at around 1600 MB, but still seems to slowly eat more RAM. I went away for 5 days and while using Roon on my return, the Core was using nearly 4000 MB of RAM. After restarting Roon on my Core, it is back to 1600 MB again.

Edit: 1700 MB shortly after Roon Core restart
Edit: over 2000 MB about an hour later
Edit: Up to 3200 MB now after a couple of hours. Remote seems to be increasingly sluggish.
Edit: Windows 11 remote becomes so sluggish I have to restart the app. Restart. No good. Let’s go check the RAM usage on the Core…down to about 2700MB (did restarting the remote change it? Am I suffering the Windows 11 minimized issues simultaneously so that I’ll never sort out what’s what?? :sweat_smile: Hmmmm…

Restarting Core to start from baseline again:
After reboot Roon Core is using 2100MB. Win11 remote is no longer sluggish. All seems fine for now. Expecting to deteriorate over the next hour or two.

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Next day…

Roon remote tells me it can’t reach Roon Core. Check Roon Core and Roon has white screened using almost 5GB of RAM. The only way to fix it is to kill the task and start the whole process over again.

Can someone from @support please have a look at what is going on? Roon continues to not be able to simply shuffle my library using one remote and one core without melting down within hours.

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