Memory ratio to Library Size

I’m new to Roon and noticed last night it had slowed up to a point of being barely usable. A little research showed it could be a memory issue and it was. I’m running the Core on Windows 10 and on checking task manager my 16gb of memory was at 85%, Roon taking up 3.5gb and (alarmingly) all those open Chrome tabs another 3gb and the rest of the programs of course. On closing Chrome Roon performance picked up again and was good (though its memory use expanded to 5gb!). I have a big library, 28,815 Albums and growing and 457,812 tracks so I assume that’s why so much memory is required? Anyway I have two free slots so ordering another 16gb to take it up to 32gb, hopefully all issues will go away then. Also going to test a lighter browser than Chrome. Anyone else had the same or can comment on keeping the software running efficiently??

If it were me, I’d have Roon on its own box. An additional 16gb fixes your immediate issue but doesn’t mitigate the fact that one bit of ransomware or a virus can mess up everything. That for me is a constant risk when browsing or doing general tasks on a mixed use PC.


Hey, Henry thanks, yes maybe eventually I can get it on a dedicated machine. Don’t tell me about ransomware, one wrong click on some bait and you are done. I had all my files including on my NAS infected! Luckily I back up everything so was able to wipe and re-install, but scary…

Do you also have a streaming service active in Roon? If so, you not only have your ~ 500 k tracks from your library but also millions of tracks from streaming. While I guess that what’s in your local Roon DB is probably more or less copied into the RAM for performance reasons, the data from streaming services is outside and has likely no other place to exist than in the RAM as retrieving it every time via internet would be very slow it might also get cached for some time. So searching and browsing the content from streaming services will likely boost the needed RAM far over the usual size of your complete local Roon DB (metadata size of what’s in your library no matter if streamed or local).
I don’t use a streaming service with Roon and never had one of this “Roon slow because of excessive RAM use” issues you and others reported.

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Yes I have Tidal, though not using it a lot and have avoided the “add to Library” feature when a Tidal track plays, but no doubt the more features used the more memory. Have thought about going Tidal free or going the other way just having Tidal, but with own files there is more quality control (ie compressed re-masters all over the place), so there is no easy solution but compromises. As it stands I just bought Roon lifetime and now bought another 16gb of ram. Hey ho…