Menu column auto show/hide and navigation buttons

When in full screen mode, it would be nice to have the menu column slide in from the left side of the screen simply by positioning the cursor at the screen edge? Many native osx apps now have this feature (safari,mail,finder,…)
The way it is now you have to click on that 3 line icon or press tab.

I’d also love to be able to simply use swipe gestures to navigate back and forward instead of having to click on the navigation buttons.

any plans for this???

Not sure if OSX supports them but a mouse wheel is a great way to navigate.

I think stevev1 means going back to previous and next screens (< and > buttons next to menu), not album scrolling.

Two finger swipe is used in the overview pages to scroll, but not used on album/artist info screens. It would be a useful faster way to trace back your steps to the overview.

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Exactly :grinning: