Menu Conformity

There’s probably a logical reason but here goes. If I look under the title ‘my stuff’ on Android and iOS I find Discover Recent Tags Playlists, however in Windows I find under ‘my stuff’ - Playlist Tags and History. Discovery in Windows is elsewhere at the top of the menu.

History is not available on the mobile apps but I guess comes under Recent which is further broken down into played and added. Also where is it possible in the Windows app to find recent added tracks and albums.

Personally I would like a similar menu structure accross all devices or have I just been too lazy and not attempted to configure them to be the same.

The smartphone apps are a stripped-down version of the full Roon Control app available on a Windows PC or a Mac using MacOS. Driven by practical consideration of limited real estate on the screens, I believe.

The Overview screen on the Windows Roon app shows you your Recent Activity (played and added), as well as the “New Releases for You” feature (if you subscribe to either Tidal and/or Qobuz). On the smartphones, this NRfY feature has been moved to the Discover screen.

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There’s been talk from Roon of a redo of the mobile interface to make it do the same as the full interface. I always assume that this is around the corner hence no intermediate rewrite to make the menus the same.
Just around the corner is now three or so years ago but I’m still hoping for jam tomorrow.

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