Menu/UI, buttons, colours, and greeting suggestions

I’d really like to see some more customisation options for the menu and interface.
I understand the wish for a low clutter interface, but flexibility for users would be great. Here are my top suggestions:

  • I love to visit the home screen, and constantly wonder why there is no single click button to go there.
  • An option to pin the menu open
  • Reduction in the amount of empty space afforded at the top of the home page - lets get more music onto the screen
  • Add icons to the menu options, and allow them to be added to the top of the screen, between the back and bookmarks buttons.
  • An option to adjust the colour scheme (I know people have found alternative methods, but a simple menu option would be great)
  • Especially for me - an option to place a ‘force rescan’ on storage options - as roon does not detect changes to my folders due to the way I store and distribute my music.
  • Finally, how about something that customises the greeting to the user, perhaps we could have some artist related quotes, etc.

This would be my dream update, all the music stuff works great.



What device and screen resolution are you using? The menu will display fully if the screen display is wide enough.

That should already be present - check out the “3 dots” menu by each of your watched folders in Settings > Storage

Hmm - early versions of Roon had a “quote of the day” displayed on startup. It got removed for one reason or another…

Hi Geoff,

Impressive response speed!

When running Roon on my Mac, screen resolution 2560 x 1440, typically at half screen size. In fact I never increase it beyond this, as it’s usually shared with Safari.

Sorry, probably my message regarding ‘force rescan’ is not clear, I’d like a the option to toggle a button onto the menu so that I can re-scan with a single click, rather than goto the menu > settings > storage > 3-dots > force-rescan

Interesting regarding my quote idea, I didn’t start using Roon until version 1.8, so I was not aware. Sounds like it was not popular. But, I still think something more interesting could be implemented other than "Hi… "