Mercury Rev: Deserter's Songs misidentified

Mercury Rev - Deserter’s Songs is misidentified as the instrumental remaster (Deserter’s Songs Instrumental) and the auto identifier does not bring up the original Deserter’s Songs as a choice even though it has its own entry in the all music database (

This problem is similar to the note-for-note misidentification for Kind of Blue. I own the original “Deserter’s Songs 1998” ( ) and the Roon system identifies it as the instrumental follow-up version, minus the vocals ( ) which came out in 2011. This is an annoyance to my OCD compulsion to link as many albums in Roon as possible.

I just added Deserter’s Songs to my database and it is still mis-identified as the instrumental version, with no option to replace it with the original version :disappointed:

I hope the metadata eventually gets sorted for this issue.

1 year later, still mis-identified…

The kind of blue cover album was fixed very quickly , unfortunately this is taking q u i t e a w h i l e to sort!
Is the explanation too hard to follow?

Same problem for me with Deserter’s Songs.

Edit made. As usual, up to a week to come through to your libraries.