Merge albums and renumber discs

I just bought a new live double album by Marshall Crenshaw. I ripped it using DB poweramp.

It ripped to two different albums each other correct songs in it. But the numbers of the discs were reversed. I tried to merge the albums and there did not seem to be any way to renumber the discs. If I try to edit the discs and type in the correct numbers the other disc disappeared. Thanks for any help on this.

When importing double albums or multi disc compilations, it is better to get the metadata in order before import than to try to sort out the mess from within Roon (which can be very clunky as you have found).

I use dBPoweramp to rip and it invariably identifies multi-disc sets with different album names, putting ‘,Disc 1’ etc after the album name, which just confuses Roon.
So straight after ripping you need to edit the metadata (I use mp3Tag) and ensure all albums in a set have the same Album name. Put each album in its own subdirectory, following CD 01, CD 02 etc format under a single Album name directory. You can fix up disc numbers whilst in mp3Tag but I’m not certain that Roon actually takes any notice of this information.

To fix your current situation:
Remove the albums from the Watched folder.
Edit albums with tag editor to correct the metadata
Ensure albums are in correct sub directories CD 01, CD 02 etc under a common Album name directory.
Clean the Roon library to remove all trace of the previous import (Settings|Library|Clean Up Library)
Add the album back to your Watched folder.
Roon should now stand a better chance of identifying and importing correctly.

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@Anthony_B gives great instructions but if you don’t want to use an external tag editor, as he suggests, there is a work around. In your case you have CD 1 that should be CD 2 and CD 2 that should be CD 1. Roon won’t allow you to renumber these discs in a way that creates two with the same number at the same time. I’ve encountered this before. The solution is to temporarily renumber CD 1 as CD 3, then CD 2 as CD 1, then finally renumber CD 3 as CD 2. It’s inelegant, with the extra step, but it’s a quick solution to the problem.


Many thanks!!

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