Merge Albums question

It is normal when, upon merging albums, my Library then contains both the old albums and a ‘new’ album that is the merged one? I’ve been dealing with this by just “hiding” the old ones . . . but not sure if this is the best way to do this.

Why are you merging albums? What’s the goal you try to achieve here?

From Merge Albums:

And also related to: Fix Track Grouping

If it’s because you have different version of the same album but don’t want them to show up individually, then please go to Settings|General and make sure that “Show hidden tracks and albums” is set to “no”. This should take care of hiding duplicates most of the time.

If there are some versions/duplicates not recognize by Roon, please read: FAQ: I have multiple versions of the same album, but I only see one album cover. Where are the other versions? – Adding Albums To A Set

Thanks - it’s to end up with multi-disc sets showing up only once. It’s the multi-disk issue; I’m good with fixing metadata to avoid the stray tracks issues. But I have not found a metadata ‘fix’ for not ending up with 3 album icons on the Roon desktop for 3-disk sets. So I’ve been using Merge. I like this result, over 6 images of the same cover on my desktop:

Is this the right approach? Thanks again!

Yes but please read FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly? first. If you can follow the directions outlined therein Roon is usually able to correctly identify multi-disc albums without the need for manual corrections.


Hi @Bart001,

I want to second BlackJack’s advice to check out this article. The best way to ensure that multi-disc sets are handled properly is to follow those guidelines. If you have any questions after giving that a try please let us know!

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