Merge albums without losing tags

I’m moving my music collection (around 3600 albums) to a new hard disk by moving files from one ‘watched’ folder to another. Occasionally, Roon will ‘orphan’ a single track and create new album when the file location changes. I can fix this easily by merging the two albums but this creates a new album and the tags associated with the original album are lost. Is there a way to combine single disk albums without losing tags?

At this time, when albums are merged it creates a new album object and you will need to re-add tags to the newly merged album.

This does sound like a great Feature Request.

Following the instructions provided in “FAQ: How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive or NAS, Will I lose my edits?” should prevent this from happening.


Hi @Ray_Meibaum,

To confirm, this behavior is happening only after moving to the new drive, correct? If so, @BlackJack’s recommendation is correct — You’ll want to use these instructions when moving the files to a new location in order to keep all of your data.

Yes, that’s correct. But when I followed the linked instructions it worked flawlessly. I was unaware I could change the target folder location. Thanks to all for the guidance.

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