Merge Artist to Perfomer

I ask here to the @support and other users… how can you merge an artist (=primary artist) with a composer (not primary artist) or with a performer (not primary artist).
Clearly, if they were correctly identified by Roon, they should be already merged.
But it happens that a spurious Artist/Performer appears, coming from tags, and not correctly identified by roon with its Artists database.


You may find this thread useful…


Niccolo, I am well practiced in this area, but if you would, pick an example of what you want to do, and include some screenshots.

But, to get started, open Artist page, and select those Artists you want to merge (right click or long click) then choose Edit/Merge Artist. This is undoable.

If that’s not what fixes, send us screenshots.

so, i’ve read the post reported by @BrianW, and the answer by @John_V.
but as far as i understand, these are not an answer.

notice the double Alice performer. the second one comes from tags, and the link take to:

the other comes (i guess) from roon, and the link takes to artist page:

under a search (magn. lens) i get:

so, first “Alice” is both a top result (artist), and a composer. the second Alice should be “just” a perfomer.
but they are the same person… and i want to merge them.
on this screen it is impossible to select both them, for merging. so, what can i do?

on the other hand, if i select one of the two tracks with the double Alice, and I edit credits, I get this:

so, as you see, apparently there are actually 3 Alice’s… and they are all Primary Artists (not reported as perfomer). Don’t ask me why.

I can (and I did) add another credit for the second Alice (as suggested by @BrianW). but that makes no difference. as the search produces exactly the same result.
This is specific to this album, which turns out to be quite peculiar.
In other cases the suggestion by @BrianW works… and it’s a workaround i’ve already done. But this is clearly quite cumbersome and unsatisfying.

So my question is actually if there is a more straightforward method for merging in situations like this, better than the “workaround” suggested by @BrianW.

This problem is very common in my library, and i suppose in all libraries, and it sounds strange to me that it has not been addressed (@BrianW linked post is only 20 days old!). I’d like to know that there is a ticket for this.


Yes, a bit of a mess!

Partly it is the metadata of the album that is at fault, and we should tag @joel to try and get it fixed.

But I think you can do something about two of the three Alices - or least I could when I tried it just now.
Search for Alice, as you did in your screenshot above.
Then don’t select the top Alice, but select view all on the performers. I hope this shows two Alices. These two can be selected and merged.

I don’t know where your Alice as composer has come from - your tags?

no, the performers show only one Alice:

(and an incomprehensible Clare Torry!!)
The composer Alice comes (i guess) from another album in my library by Alice with her own compositions. In this album, though, she is only a performer in 2 tracks.
Summing up:

  • in track credits, 3 Alice’s as primary artist
  • in performers list, 1 Alice
  • in Top Result, 1 Alice (corresponding to the composer)
  • in album tracks list, 2 different Alice’s, linking to the 2 previous ones

The point here, in any case, is not really something wrong in this album metadata.
The point is the general problem in merging performers (=not primary artist) with a primary artist.
In this particular album, the workaround you suggested does not work because the the spurious Alice is reported as a perfomer in one screen and as a primary artist in another…

But i really think that a better way of merging has to be developed…

I don’t understand this bit. I actually imported the album from Tidal (actually it was the live version, but I identified it as your version, with the two Alices) and I was able to merge the Alices.

Nevertheless your comment stands and a better and more reliable method is required. Brian (Mr Roon that is) is aware.

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Anyway, any idea why a search “Alice” should result in “Clare Torry”?

Not a clue, sorry. Roon does that sometimes.

Hi, @Niccolo_Terzi, thanks for the feedback here. I understand the trouble you’re experiencing here, and we are aware of some cases when it can be tricky to merge Artists, Performers, and/or Composers.

I don’t have any update on when we may be adding new features here or making changes in the current behavior, but of course you can always open a feature request describing what you’re looking for and our dev team will be able to understand your request and how much demand there is.

My understanding is that the workaround here should be ok, meaning if you credit a performer as as an Album Primary Artist, they should appear in the album browser and you can select and merge them. I know this isn’t ideal, but for now could you please elaborate on what’s not working with this workaround?



@Niccolo_Terzi @BrianW Just to follow up on the specific metadata issue here. This is the result of some bad metadata from TiVo: two different Alices (with different artist IDs) on two tracks of a release only available in the EU (so you won’t find it on We’ve asked TiVo to fix this.

On the 3rd Alice, I’m speculating here somewhat, but I suspect that, because you already had two Alices in your library, we couldn’t figure out what to do with the Alice from your file tags and created another artist local to your library.

So you might want to unmerge your merge here, because the two “Roon” Alices are different artists and one of them should be removed from the metadata for this album within a week.

Cc: @ivan

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But how is the artist “Clare Torry” being returned in a search for “Alice”? I’m seeing this too. It’s very bizarre…

Also Known As: Alice Pepper…

Ah - some searching on the net reveals that she had a failed single in the 1970s that was issued under the name “Alice Pepper” - and that’s enough to cement the link? Seems pretty tenuous to me, but OK…

I, too, had searched and came up blank. What i hadn’t done was search allmusic for Clare Torry with “Alice” as keyword.
If I do I then get this Alice link with some info about Clare Torry that doesn’t appear under her bio. (In fact she has no bio)
It seems as though it should?

thanks @joel for the explanation.
in this case, as i was not able to merge the artists… actually i solved by deleting 2 Alices from the tracks credits, leaving only one, the one i knew is correct.

To answer to @ivan: the strange thing here is that the 3 Alices are reported (in album credits) as primary artists, but then, making a search with the magnifying lens, there results only one Primary Artist Alice, and one Performer Alice.
Due to this peculiar fact, it is impossible form me to merge them, as i cannot “promote” the performer as a primary artist (it is already…).

anyway, thanks everybody :slight_smile:

OK, glad to know that roon database is not going crazy :slight_smile:
Maybe, an edit of the artist page with
AKA Alice Pepper
could avoid future complains… :slight_smile:

We’re in the process of re-thinking search; I agree that this is probably not a desirable outcome for such a tenuous link.

Cc: @brian

One problem is that the Alices are not album level primary artists, rather only track level. For some reason, such artists don’t appear in the artist browser.
Is that intended @joel?

Yes, it is intended. Only album level primary artists appear in that browser.