Merge Artist to Perfomer

Ok, but seems confusing to me. I would prefer an artist browser that browsed all artists, with the ability to focus down on primary, featured, performer and so on.

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Yes, i agree, IT IS confusing… in fact, it’s the first time i notice that the “Artists Browser” does not show all Primary Artists.
I have noticed a related fact: if i want to remove a roon genre (!!!), for example “guitar virtuoso”, i select the genre: then a list of artists appears. as i have already removed the genre from my primary artists, they are all performers. then, if i click on the link “All artists” (just to see all of them and make a massive tagging)… i obtain zero. here “all artists” again refers to primary artists…
so, in a way, this is more than confusing, it’s a logic contradiction: the expansion of a list of artists equals to null result!

anyway, @BrianW, actually this is a “feature request” i have submitted.

my point: there is an OCEAN of ARTISTS that do not appear in any Roon browser…
and i would really like to browse also performers (or featured artists, if you like), and in my opinion it is simply absurd that such a list does not exist.

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Haha. I was going to do the same thing - start a feature request. I may still do one along the lines of my post above - i.e expand the focus feature to include all artist types. Maybe tonight when I get some time.

Sorry your request didn’t get more support. Lets try again!

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ha ha…
Anyway, yes a sort of “focus” would be idea.
Artist -> All Performes

then you can focus on artists that are primary artists, or artists that are “only” performers, or artists that are both composers and performers… and so on, the same way in the actual “Artists” view you can focus on country or genre…

Turns out a similar thread had been started recently, so I added my thoughts to that one…