Merge compositions not always available

Description of Issue

I imported a classical CD with Strawinsky Pulcinella suite for orchestra which is marked as unidentified. However the metadata was sufficient to let roon find the composer. So I ended up with an additional entry in the list of Strawinskys compositions.

Normally when I am on the list of compositions for a composer I am able to merge two compositions. This works if you select two entries then a button shows up in the top right corner of the screen named “merge compositions”. So far so good. However I relized that this is not always the case.

When I try to do just this with my “new” Pulicenlla entry from the unidentified CD I do not get the merge button.

My Question: what triggers the ability to merge two compositions. Hopefully I am able to make changes to the data of the unidentified CD to convince roon to let me merge the pulcinella suite with the real one.

Any help is appreciated

Sometimes roon simply does not get a “composition” tag from its meta-data suppliers, so it will not matter what you do and the only way forward is to raise the issue in the metadata section of the forum where roon can contact its suppliers to fix the problem.

There are a few things worth trying before going down that route.

  1. You can try tagging the composer with “Igor Stravinsky” instead of "Igor “Strawinsky”.
  2. Is this definitely the suite and not the ballet? The suite is about 25 mins and has no voice parts, the ballet is about 40 mins and has voice parts.
  3. You can try tagging work = “Pulcinella, suite for orchestra” and part = “Overture” etc.
  4. You can also try the merge from the composition screen rather than the composer screen

If that fails then it is probably best to move this post to metadata and if no one ese has any suggestions roon can ask the metadata suppliers for a fix.

What release is it? Do you have a screenshot?

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