Merge in Roon 1.5

What happened to Merge in Roon 1.5?

I repaired several dozen compilation albums using Merge, must have been Roon 1.4. Now, Roon has made two albums out of one, all the same artist, but the second album has a single track. I thought it would be easy to repair but now I don’t see the Merge function under Edit>Album options.

Have you selected both albums first. I tried it an Merge was top of the list for me.

Are all your devices running the latest version of Roon, iOS devices need to be running 11.4 or they will not update to Roon 1.5

Derp! I had tried selecting both but must not have held the second album long enoough. Thanks for the assist.

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I pressed all the buttons to install 1.5 but I don’t see where to confirm the version.

@Matt_Hansen Three lines top left, settings then about (top right of the window)