Merge multiple labels into one

Good morning everyone.
Is it possible to merge several labels into one?
I have three labels (actually
five) like in the attached photo and I would like to merge them into one.
Can it be done?

AFAIK it cannot be done directly.

As a workaround, you could add a Bookmark.


What determines which label is the album assigned to? From roon metadata?

Can you expand?

I will explain using the ‘Decca’ label.

So you focus Albums on Labels and Filter on ‘Decca’

You click 2 times on top to get the resulting albums without any menus open.

In my case, I have 75 albums selected.

Now you click on the Bookmark symbol. A droplist opens with your exisitn g bookmarks.

At the top you click Add Bookmark

Enter your new bookmark name, in my case ‘Decca’ and click Save

Click Reset to see al your Albums again

Click on the Bookmark symbol and this time select the ’ Decca’ bookmark at the bootom (note - you probably need to scroll down as the new created Bookmark will be added at the bottom of the list)

Click on your bookmark ‘Decca’ brings back your selection that you created using Focus.

The nice thing is that Bookmarks are dynamic.
I.e., each time you add an album form one of the ‘Decca’ labels, it is automatically added to the Bookmark. You never have to do this again.

Last but not least, you can manually re-order your Bookmark list.
Click on Manage Bookmarks.
Find the Bookmark you want to move, in this case Decca, and click and hold the pile of the 3 dashes (sorry, do not know how this is called)
So, do not ‘select’ it, just point to it and hold. Then you can move your bookmark to the desired position in your list.

As you see, Bookmarks is a powerful tool, with only one disadvantage : your list can become quite long and not practical to handle, as there is not possibility to nest Bookmarks themselves.
I.e. you cannot make a Bookmark Labels, that would contain your specific labels bookmark.

Hope this clarifies.


Thank you very much for the description and photos :slight_smile:

The suggestion using Bookmarks from @anon90297517 is a good one I hadn’t thought of. Here is a different way I have used to “merge” labels:

  1. Group (as you did using Focus) and select all the albums of the 3 labels you wish to merge.
  2. In the new drop down menu at the top of the screen, select Edit.
  3. Under the Edit Albums tab, scroll down to Labels
  4. Click in the Add field, then scroll down to “Act”
  5. Select “Act” then click Save.

Each of the selected albums will now show “Act” as the label under the Credits tab in Album view (in addition to whatever label the original metadata contained–you can remove labels using the same process), and will be grouped together whenever you use the Focus>Labels>Act.


Thank you, I will try this option.

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The first method is safer because it only affects the view, not the metadata. In the second case, I made a mistake, failed to unscrew it and had to stick the base from the backup. I stayed with the first option :slight_smile: