Merge ‘My Live Radio’ with ‘Live Radio’

I like the addition of ‘Live Radio’ section, but it would be much better experience if my own radio station were simply part of it.
Having my own stations in ‘My Live Radio’ is a bit cumbersome especially since it is berried further down the menu under the ‘More…’ option.

And obviously the best would be if you simply added more stations, like for ‘Slovakia’ there are no stations at all.
I think the roon community could help you build a much broader list of stations which you could review and later add to the official list.

So far very nice experience with 1.7. Good job :wink:

My Stations his under the Library section, i.e. items added to your library, whereas Internet Radio is under Browse, i.e. items not in your library.

Radio station are curated by the Roon community.

Ah, great. Thanks for the info

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Would navigation links on top also do the trick?
Let’s say a (possibly blue) text label “My Presets” somewhere on top in “Live Radio” that brings you to “My Live Radio” and there another, let’s call it “Discover Stations”, that brings you back to “Live Radio”.

Sure, any kind of consolidation would be helpful.
Actually if the two are kept separate, then ‘My Live Radio’ should be higher on the list (and easier to access) as it contains my manually added stations as well as the ones added to my library from the big list in ‘Live Radio’.