Merge two albums (and make them two versions of make album)


New to Tidal and Roon, so bare with me if this question looks dumb or has been asked before (I searched the forum to not avail).

I have some albums in my library that should be matched to the same album in Tidal, but they appear as different ones. Instead of showing one album with two versions, Roon shows that there are two albums. When I try to edit the information for the albums, it looks like they are using the same metadata, yet they are considered as two separate albums.

The reasons why this is significant for me are two. First, it adds clutter to my library. Second, my local album at times will be included in artists radios or other playlists instead of the HiFi version from Tidal.

So, my questions is: Is there a way to tell Roon that some albums are actually two versions of one and the same album?

Thank you for your help!


Check out this post for more information on how our automatic duplicate detection works–it’s deliberately conservative to avoid false positives.

This is coming in the next build. It’s in final testing right now. Very very soon :smile:

Fantastic, thanks!

For instance, Queensryche was Operation Mindcrime and Operation Livecrime with the same track listing. Roon only “sees” Operation Livecrime and hides Mindcrime. I had to use some workarounds to convince it otherwise. Odd behavior. I also see frequent issues with album tracks divided over two separate albums although the title and artist is identical.