Merged HDs - best way of duplicate handling?

Hi all,

I have just bought a new, bigger NAS drive, and have for a few years had a small NAS and two portable hard drives holding my music collection. When it became time to amalgamate my music, I just merged all the drives together and pointed Roon at the new larger NAS.

Now I’ve got 10,887 albums showing in the ‘Overview’ page, and then clicking on albums, I have 6,194. Is there any way of only showing duplicate albums in Roon? I’d love to be able to delete some of them - but preferably not 4,000 manually. Or filter out lower-quality versions of music I already have in hi-res?

At one point I was creating duplicates of any hi-res music in order to play it on Sonos, so this is kind of my own fault.

As ever, many thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me.

Cheers, John.

Personally I’d consider dealing with that outside of Roon using Gemini. YMMV.

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I agree with Ludwig but if you want to do it in Roon there are a few questions are the duplicates the same format/resolution because Roon can see the same album in two resolutions as a duplicate.
If you wish to proceed then you can focus from the album view go to focus, inspector, duplicates and tick that box that will show you duplicates, compare the number you see with the number you expect? Note those albums shown are all copies in your library so endure you don’t delete them all! Just the duplicate you no longer want.

Please have a full backup including duplicates so you can recover if it all goes wrong, moving forward prevention is a lot easier than the cure in my experience.


Thank you both for your answers! I’d never looked at the Inspector feature in Focus before. I’ve got hold of Gemini and will see how that goes Ludwig.

Cheers, John