Merging albums into a box set

I’ve just started using Roon. Love it so far! I have a well maintained 4Tb collection of music on my NAS (classical, jazz & pop). Mediamonkey has been a great help with this for the past 10 years, and I was delighted to see how successfully Roon interpreted my collection. It was really easy because I already made the distinction between classical and pop/jazz on my NAS using folders. So a Focus on the NAS library allowed me to make a bookmark for classical, and a bookmark for pop/jazz. From here, I could use my original album titles for classical (which always start with the composer’s name), and leave the pop/jazz like Roon had identified them.

One of the first things I loved about Roon was the possibility to merge albums. I’ve been making a lot of multi-disk sets the past week, just to declutter my collection a bit. Now here’s my question: I have a Bartók Complete Edition Box Set which I once ripped as individual albums. Each album represents a different type of work (chamber, opera, string quartet, piano, etc). These are the original titles as well. When I combine them, I get a multi-disk set, but the original title is lost. Is there a way I can see (or add) that title in the album view? (like, right under Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 etc)

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Great question but I think the answer is NO (hopefully someone will chime in with a definitive answer).

However if the answer is indeed NO then this would make for a very useful feature request - the ability to display individual album/disc titles in mutli-disc sets, where applicable.

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Hi @Tjarko_Busink,

This is currently not possible to do in Roon, but there is a Feature Request open for this you could provide feedback on.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.