Merging Artists in ROON

Hello guys
Please note that when I merge the artist (ANVs into one Artist) I am losing access to the discography of the artist in Tidal when clicking on the artist (no new findings can be retrieved).
I should use the ANV to be able to browse the artist’s catalog on Tidal, although it is already merged with the primary artist.
Is there a solution for this?
I feel that it is not appropriate to do the merge - not sure though
Appreciate any feedback or help
Thank you

Hey @Bilal_A,

I’ve moved your post to the Support category so we can investigate this :nerd_face:

Would you be able to share an example and, if you can, please include screenshots so we can better understand the behavior.

We’d also like to know if this happens every time and for every artist, or just a specific one?

Dear Beka
Thank you for your input
Please find attached the issue

Artist Page on Tidal

Album added to collection

Merge the artists into “Abdul Karim Abdul Kader”

Album Added successfully to Artist page

After Merging Artist the Artist page resembles the collection only. I can not access the other albums that are available in Tidal under the Artist Name Variation i.e. عبد الكريم عبد القادر

Hey @Bilal_A,

Thank you for clearly illustrating the steps :pray:

Would you please unmerge the artists, and then merge them again. Just this time, please, choose as primary artist the artist from TIDAL (in Arabic letters), not the one in your library.

If you do so, you’ll have access both to your local albums and TIDAL’s.

Dear Bek
Thank you for your reply and input
This approach is valid if there exists a proper definition of an Artist on Tidal, but this is not true when it comes to Arabic Artists

Please check below four Artist Name Variations on Tidal for the same performer

Therefore, I believe merging into one main artist should result in a unique page for the artist in Roon allowing access to the discography across all ANVs

Hey @Bilal_A,

Thanks for the additional information and questions.

I wonder, did merging the artist the way we suggested help (Abdul Karim Abdul Kader)?

Dear Beka
Yes it did, but I can eventually find other songs for him under a different name on Tidal
I shared another example

Here is another one too

I can share many artists with the same issue, it is about how content is presented on Tidal
They are not working on this in their database

Hey @Bilal_A,

Multiple teams have taken a close look at this case and, while we cannot speak on the TIDAL side of things, as far as Roon goes, the proposed solution remains the same:

would you please make sure the artist with most information is set as the primary artists and merge all other artists to that?


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