"Merging" artists?

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Asus RT_AC66 router, wired.

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Metrum Ambre, TCP/IP.

Description Of Issue

Máire Brennan releases some albums under her Irish name, and some under the anglicized name Moya Brennan. Roon knows they’re the same, but she appears under each name in Artists (with aka… the other name below).

That’s all OK, but each artist only lists the albums that were released under that name. I’d like to see the combined albums under each. Is that possible to do?

(It’d also be OK if there was only one artist listed. I’m ambivalent on that part.)


I don’t believe so.

That can be done. In the artists browser, select both artists (long press or right click). In top right of screen, you will see a merge artists. Click that.

Hi @Jeff_Young,

This looks like it’s stemming from some bad data from our metadata provider. I’ve reached out to them requesting they make a change here. I’ll be sure to follow up once I hear back from them.



Another issue that you might want to let them know about: the artwork for Tarbox Ramblers – Tarbox Ramblers is switched with Tarbox Ramblers – A Fix Back East.

I find this really common. Equivalents processsing has improved. I seem to remember it was a release note a while back. But I still find it happens a lot. I just merge the artists. Is there another way? Are the metadata suppliers standardizing on names?

Hmm… also found an issue with merging artists.

When I merge it asks me which I want to be the primary artist. However, it appears to chose the “aka” line from the other one. So now I have: Máire Brennan aka Máire Brennan.

A different temporary kludge/work round until the metadata is sorted would be to edit each album to have both names as primary artists.

The merge worked well enough for my purposes.

(The aka is most useful when you don’t know the artists other noms de guerre; presumably if you’re merging them then you already know they’re the same.)

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