Merging HDD and Qobuz Albums

Had to re-boot/reset since Nucleus didn’t work again, but having done that it seems the albums on the internal HDD and from Qobuz are not “merged” yet in the album overview and I seem to remember this could be selected somewhere in the menus, but can’t find anymore how it’s done.


Make sure show duplicates is off and show hidden items.

The thing is, that this would be needed if I saw too much info but in this case I want to see the combined albums from HDD and Qobuz…

If I remember correctly this used to be in the focus settings (no?), could tick HDD and Qobuz, might be wrong though

Sorry, but there are no Focus settings.
In Focus, you can select criteria to perform selections, e.g. you only want to see albums of a certain format, only your locally stored albums, only your Qobuz albums, etc…

But this is not what I understand from your original question.


Hm. In the menu, I can select Qobuz and I get everything on Qobuz. In the menu selecting Albums, I get what is on the HDD. Would like to have everything combined. Am I making a mistake here? Before when I selected Album I got all…

Ok. After playing with the sorting in the Album selection it seems everything is there but the HDD stuff seems to be in there as “last added” whereas this was added as first back then. Now, since I had to reset and reinstall a lot, could it be that with the system setting everything back, the HDD was added last in this case (and not the other way around the way it was initially installed?)?

Oh, and yes what I also found in the focus setting??? Select "Inspector and you will find the HDD and Qobuz selection options :wink: in the “storage locations”