Merging Muli-Disc Set Into One Disc *and* Keeping Identified Status?

I have the Kraftwerk 3-D The Catalog set, correctly identified as such.

I see it as 8 discs and must select a particular disc to see its contents…ok.

I prefer just a flat view of all the tracks since it is quicker to access and scroll. I use the editor and merge all the discs/tracks into just disc 1, which gives me the 42 tracks now as a flat view. Great!

I notice now that the set shows ‘unidentified’, which I suppose is technically correct as I fiddled with the layout. I guess my thought here is that it was identified to begin with and I have only internally shifted things around.

It now, of course, shows me less metadata vs. the original 8 disc match, even though they are really the same.

Am I messing something up or is this by design…or an oversight?


No, you haven’t missed anything, Kev. But, even though the album/set won’t be recognized, the compositions can still be recognized and linked to their respective metadata.

TY. Seems to be just an aesthetic thing that perhaps could be lower on the list of things to address.


This place is riddled with threads on the subject. It seems high on the lists of the vocal few.

Coming from a lifetime, generally satisfied end user.

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