Merging of box sets

Although there is a possibility to merge several albums into a box set, this does not work with box sets with very large number of discs since all the discs don’t show up at the same time. It would be good if it would be possible just to browse to a particular location and merge into one box set all of the sub-folders under that location.

You can continue to select albums to merge. They do not all have to appear on the same screen.


If you have a box set of 100CDs and have to find and merge almost each one separately, then it becomes a no-go.

If you can use focus to narrow down your selection to just the discs in that box set then you can select them all by long press to select one and then select all from the menu bar that comes up at the top of the screen then you could merge them easily.

That is interesting. While waiting for a native solution for managing singles, I am looking for a way to have my singles in the database, have release year attached to them (years are connected to albums, unfortunately not to tracks) , and not end up with hundreds of “own” compilations cluttering my album screen because of the 120 tracks per album limitation.
Maybe I can “box” my own compilations per release year.

Does anybody know what the limit is of the number of albums per box?