Merging Qobuz Genres

How can I merge Quobuz genres?

I am getting a lot of tags like “French”, “Nouvelle Chanson” from Quboz that I cannot map to something like “French Pop” in roon. Is that possible? Because they are not my tags but Qobuz tags I don’t seem to be able to map them in library settings.

@support. Tried also just now with “Guitar/Jazz” which I normally have mapped to “Jazz Guitar”. So looks like I cannot map genres I create on imported Qobuz albums to roon genres?

Hi @Tony_Casey,

Just to verify, are these Qobuz downloaded files? Can you provide some specific album examples for us to look at?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for responding. Yes, I am talking about Quobuz added files. These are not my own files. What this means in practice is that because they are not my own files I cannot merge the Qobuz genres with roon genres. I can only merge genres from my files with roon genres. I assume this must be a problem with Tidal as well.

Here is an example I have added from Qobuz:

What I want to do is map the Qobuz genre “French” to the roon genre “French Pop”. But this is not possible. When I do a search in the genre mapping tool, “French” does not come up. I assume this is because it is not one of my genre’s but it is a Qobuz genre: