Merging Technologies stuck in Roon 1.6 [resolved]

Hi, my Merging Technologies NADAC PLAYER is stuck in Roon 1.6 and won’t allow update to 1.7:

Help please!


Hey Ruben – we’re discussing this with Merging now, and we’ll have an update for you soon.

Sorry for the trouble here!

@Ruben_Ortiz, can you try going to the web ui and hit reinstall?

Already done… issue remains :frowning:

try to reboot, then reinstall again – report back. there is a bug with the older nadacplayer roon os where DNS can get into a funky state – im positive you are hitting that bug.

Did the reinstall, reset and reboot of the NADAC PLAYER via the web interface:

And the issue still remains: it won’t upgrade to 1.7…

Could I get a 1.6 Roon app for my iPad and iPhone for the time being?


I am working on it… you’ll be working in a few minutes… give me a sec.

no, apple does not give us a way to do this.

try now with your iphone/ipad – itll work

Thanks, it worked! Now I have to reconfigure my network NAS access on Roon since I reset it to original, it should work… will try later, lu ch time!

Thanks again!!