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Is it true that the 8 zone Merging technology machine would provide 8 zones of streaming music in Roon
so if I used it as a heart of a multi room system I would only need amplification to each set of zone speakers it would provide very high quality streaming to each zone?

I think you are expecting a little too much …

Roon streams a PCM based stream in their proprietary RAAT format , so at the receiving end you will need a Roon Ready streamer to “translate” that stream to pass to the DAC of whatever you are using

Maybe read this to clarify

The 15000 dollar unit comes with essentially a “nucleus” installed but I just was wondering how the installed DAC distributes to the eight outputs
I assume it is eight zones

If you’re ready to drop the 15k$ asking price you deserve an answer from the mouth of the manufacturer - so go ask them!

That said, I‘m pretty sure it only advertises itself as one multichannel zone with up to 8 channels, which would be something like stereo front, side, rear and two subs…

And no, it doesn‘t spare you the Roon server …
Edit Edit:
TLDR - as I obviously hadn‘t read all info (thanks @mitr) I stand corrected - you really don’t seem to need a separate core - but maybe the computer inside will be a showstopper in the longer run?!

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What “machine” is that? AFAIK, their “machines” are based on channel count, not zones.

Are you talking about this?

This seems to be talking about 8 channels, whatever it is they mean.
But really, speak to Merging Technologies

If he is, it is an 8 channel DAC with Roon core. See my review:

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