Merging two Roon libraries

Is it possible to merge two separate Roon libraries into one? This would include playlists, and favorites.

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how Roon handles playlists is “restricted”, you can expert them as csv-file but the order of the tracks is mixed and you cannot re-import csv-files again … :disappointed_relieved:

once in the pasttime I also had to merge two libraries and I wanted to get rid of redundancies, so what I did:

  • import lib 1 to Roon
  • export lib 1 to the file system
  • import lib 2 to Roon
  • export lib 2 to the file systen
  • then I ran a file compare utility across both exports; as the naming convention is identical for both exports (artist / album / track), I could easily identify the redundant albums and therefore merging the libraries.

for comparing files on windows I am using for many years “file compare” from scooter software with great success

Thanks. What you outlined is pretty much what I worked out in my head. Now that I know it’s possible, I will poke at it next weekend.


good luck :+1:

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