Meridian 218 Endpoint dropping from Roon

Hi all,

I have multiple installations of Roon at 4 properties that I manage. All are similar in topology; ROCK playing back onto Meridian DACs (MS200 & 218 Zone controllers). I noticed recently that 2 of my 218 endpoints stoped working. They continue to be reachable via ICMP pings but the GUI is unreachable and Roon does not play back with the 218 selected as the zone. If I select the local iPad used as the Roon remote, I can hear the music on the iPad. When selecting the 218 as the zone on the same iPad, I’m able to tap the play button on the Roon app but the counter does not move. There is no playback. This is happening on both locations with Meridian 218s. If I reboot the 218, all works well for a little less than 24 hours.
This only started happening about 2 months ago.

Hi @Fritz_Rey

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having playback issues with some of your Roon/ROCK systems. We’d be happy to help with this.

Can you confirm that the Meridian devices are on the latest firmware and the ROCK cores and your remotes are running the latest version 1.8 build 831? You find this out by going to Settings>About and look at the build info there.

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Thanks in advance, we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can once we have your details.

Hi @jamie ,

I have a very similar setup to @Fritz_Rey. Multiple Meridian endpoints (MS200, MS218 and MS251). Similarly, all endpoints stopped working for Roon about 2 months ago in the way he describes but on testing iPad/laptops they play normally. At first I thought it was due to a QNAP update (ffmpeg issue) which I had been successfully dealing with since it arose (thanks @crieke) but that does not seem to be the case. I also downloaded a “clean” Roon Core on a standalone laptop to test and still had the same problems. The Meridian equipment has been rebooted, is visible on my network, can be pinged and can be seen by Roon via the app (including “zone settings” and “device setup”). The 218s and 251s are used for other sources and can switch and be controlled via IP for those sources without any problem.

If a fix for the issues with Meridian equipment has been found, I would be grateful for a post. Otherwise. I’m happy to provide a description of my setup/network topology (all hardwired) and carry out any further tests you recommend.


I had a similar problem that was corrected by powering down my router for 30 seconds, three times per week. This video explains the issue: 3 simple WiFi tips you can do right now to fix your Internet speed! - YouTube.

Thanks but I have already tried multiple reboots when I was testing and the only thing that works is power cycling each Meridian zone player daily or sometimes multiple times a day. Roon are aware of the issue and are finally working on a fix but with no timeline yet. It baffles me why they don’t offer a rollback to a previous version that works for affected users rather than letting us suffer for months.