[Meridian 218] I am fining that on many tracks the first second of the song is missing

anyone else have this? I am using a QNAP with a Meridian 218 end point. This has been happening quite a bit. Sometimes if I play the album from the beginning rather than just a track or skip forward a track and then back it does not happen but even this is erratic.

Is the 218 coming out of standby when it happens or does it do it even if already switched on?

Is the first track actually present in the library copy of the album? There have been reports of timing/serialization issues in ripping CDs.

the 218 is already on.

this is happening with Tidal tracks

That is a problem I often have with Sooloos. If I leave the unit paused for a long period then when I hit play it will finish the track and either skip the next track or only play a couple of seconds then go to following track.

So??? Is that a Meridian hardware/software (sooloos) issue? When I streamed Tidal to my Sooloos Control 15 this never happened. Actually it started several months after I switched to QNAP/218/Roon. This did not happen for the first few months . I’m thinking one of the Roon updates caused this

and again…i’m already listening to the system when this happens . It is not just the first track

I’m streaming Tidal via an i3 NUC running roon. End point is TinkerBoard with Project S2 via USB

Often lately it will play the first second of a track, then silence for 2-3 then play again.

Is that the same as is happening with you? It seems to be ok with subsequent tracks from an album but when my playlist changes album / Artist (possibly bitrate) it does it again.

I have no idea what the root cause is. Since I have switched to dCS from my Meridian 808v6 as the endpoint I no longer have the skipping of a track after coming out of an extended pause.

Just to be clear if I put the unit into pause mode after listing to several tracks when I returned and hit play the unit would complete the song I was listening to then would play maybe a second or two of the next track and then skip ahead to the next track in the queue.

Setting a rest can delay of 0.5 sec in roon on my S2 seems to help. May want to give that a try?

here is how i fixed this. Through Roon go to Settings- Audio and scroll down to Networked and select the 218 from the little gears icon and select Device Setup. Then go to Playback and change the Resynch from 0 to 1000 or 2000 milliseconds. That fixed the drop outs at the start of songs.

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