Meridian 218 not seen by ROCK

Roon Machine

ROCK on NUC7i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco 2960 switches in default setting.

Connected Audio Devices

I am using a Meridian MS200 that works fine, only the 218 is not seen.

Number of Tracks in library

I have about 12000 tracks in my libary.

Description of Issue


I have been using RoonServer on an old mac mini. Working very well. I have ‘upgraded’ to a more powerful NUC running Rock, but it can’t see my Meridian 218 endpoint. Strangely it does see my MS200. More specific on your questions:

My Roon Rock can’t see my 218 on the network. I have never managed to get any sound out of it with this core.
I am running a Roon Rock on a NUC7i7 Roon version 1.8 build 898. Firmware 1.0 (build 227). I have a mac running RoonServer without problems.

I am using Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches in default setting. It doesn’t matter if I move the nuc in the same switch as the mac.

MS200 working fine, 218 never been recognized.
Never got sound out of it.
I have rebooted the core, the switches, the router and the 218 about 27 times, but no changes.

I am now back to the mac so I can enjoy Roon, but I am hoping this gets resolved so I can use my much more powerful NUC. Hope there will be a solution for this. Thanks for the help.

Regards, D

I appreciate you reaching out to Community about this, @Daan_Tjepkema.

I wonder, if you move the NUC to connect directly to the router, making sure to bypass the switch, are you able to see the Meridian endpoint?

What happens if you connect the 218 directly to the router, as well? Does it show up then?

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing back.

Thank you very much for your response Ashley. I was power cycling my router, but after installing its app I had access to other settings including a reset. This reset solved it. Strangely if I restart the core, I need to reset the router as well, otherwise the Rock will not see the 218. But when I do it works. Thanks for you help. Regards, Daan

Thanks for the update @Daan_Tjepkema! I’m glad to hear that you were able to see the 218 after resetting the router. :pray:t3:

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