Meridian 218 Stops Playing Immediately


Having some issues with a Meridian 218. It is detected by Roon and enabled. When trying to play a track it starts and just sits at 0:00. Have rebooted everything multiple times with no change.

Please help.


Hello @KAB,

Let’s start with a few questions:

  1. Just to confirm, you are currently unable to get playback to work at all when streaming to the 218 zone using Roon?
  2. Is this a new setup or have you used Roon with the 218 successfully in the past?
  3. Are you able to play successfully to other zones in Roon?
  4. Is the behavior the same for both Tidal and local content?


  1. Correct.
  2. Have used 218 successfully in the past.
  3. Yes, various.
  4. Yes.

Hi @john thanks for your help, this is driving me nuts.

Hi @john do you have any further suggestions ?

Hello @KAB,

Thanks for your patience while we continue to investigate this issue. I discussed this thread with the technical team, they asked if you could try a few different things.

  1. Are you able to play to the Meridian 218 when using a different computer on your network as the “Roon Core”? You can try this by going to the Settings > General screen on the 2nd computer, disconnecting from the Core, and then choosing “Use this Mac” for your Roon Core. It will ask you to de-authorize your other Roon Core, this is okay as you can reverse this by repeating the same steps on your original Roon Core.
  2. Are you able to play to the device using a PC running Sooloos Control:PC?
  3. Could you take a screenshot of the 218’s WebUI while attempting streaming to the device from Roon? I’ve included a sample of what this should look like below. You can access the WebUI by entering the device’s IP address into a web browser.


Hi @john

  1. Depending on how the PC is connected, yes. Which is making me think it’s the switch rather than the Roon Core is sitting on is part of the issue. I moved the 218 and plugged it into the same switch. The normal Roon Core can see the 218 but won’t play past 0:00. I plugged a laptop into the same switch and created a new Core, that could play to the 218. On WiFi the laptop could not even see the 218. I then moved the 218 to be plugged directly into my router. The normal Roon core can still see the 218 but again can’t play past 0:00.

  2. Can’t get Sooloos Control:PC to work, never have been able to.

  3. Screen shot below:

Hi @john

I think I’ve found the culprit.

Jumbo Frames.

They were enabled on the router and on the normal Roon Core ethernet adaptor. I checked the Roon logs and found a bunch of NAK errors relating to the 218. Was then trying to think why the laptop would play to it via ethernet on a new test core yet wouldn’t on wireless. Bingo.

Thanks for your help. I didn’t know I could easily set up another temporary core without trashing the normal one. Without that info I would still be fishing around in the dark.

Thanks :smile:

Hello @KAB,

Glad to hear you’re back up and running. I’m marking this thread as solved to make it easier for others to find if they run into the same issue.


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