Meridian and raspberry use

Hi, i use now ROON with my meridian ID40 and TIDAL for a while with a lot of pleasure, just minor issues.
Gratulations on your product-i dont see better ones…
Now i have a switch in my listening room ,the modem down in the cellar .
My current PC is a Mac Laptop and the HD is connected via USB to the Macbook.

Now i want to a have a storage system away from the listening roon-down in the cellar.
Also i want to have a very small and silent solution very close to my audio system.
The ripping will be done outside on a PC to save space at the audio place.
My thought is to buy a Raspberry and use it only for the audio network.
My thinking is just to switch the power on and roon get started automatically.

As iam a PC dummy- but can get help from experts(for some drinks…) can you please give me some advice:
1)Can i use a Raspberry with my audio ?
2)Which modell i have to buy ?
3)Which SW i have to install and where ?
4)What else i have to do like wiring, sw installation and …?

Please give me first a short overview what is possible with advantages and possibles disadvantages?

Reading this it sounds like you want to run a Roon server on a raspberry pi? Or am I misunderstanding and you want to use it to create an extra zone?

Yes, i just want to have the Raspberry, the M-audio ID 40 a switch(so all audio is "separated from the other network in my audio room. And for remote wireless control i want to use the ip-pad.

For a Roon server you will need something more powerful than a raspberry pi, something like a NUC. Shouldn’t your music storage be on the same network too?

No, the storage is “outside” “behind” the switch on the network. Here also all the ripping will be done and support with metadata(dpower). So the raspberry have to run Roon in minimal configuration, means receice the data/music from the storage and transfer it to the network card ID40 from Meridian.
And of coarse receive the remote control commands via the switch from the i-pad.
As i said , iam not a PC/Mac/raspberry expert- just over a starter,
so maybe the developer can answer the question as why then there is raspberry forum here?
Sorry i thought that is a simple question.
Need more help here.

Thanks Robert

Robert…the rPi has nowhere near the power to run the Roon core. Look at the recommended specs.

Put Roon on a NUC or other PC and just stream from any room you want into the ID40.

Wait a while longer and there will be a Roon OS image to load onto a NUC. Follow Danny’'s posts on that subject

Raspberry Pi’s (and similar boards) can run RoonBridge, which turns it into a Roon zone.

In a Roon system, you need to have a Roon core (RoonServer or full fat Roon), which only runs on x86 machines (Windows, Mac, Linux PC’s or certain NAS’s).

A Raspberry Pi is not powerful enough to run Roon core, which is why RoonServer is not available for it.

Thanks to a suggestion from NCPL (Nick), i purchased 2 RasPi 3 on amazon, they arrived last night and I installed DietPI linux and installed multimedia software and the Roon Bridge software. I am streaming PCM and DSD to my 818v3 via USB. Very happy and satisfied with my purchase!

If there is an optional HAT board for the RasPi3 platform that works particularly well with the Meridian DACs, please post them here on this thread.

Hey Mike, that’s good progress. It isn’t as hard as it first seems to get it going.

Do you see DSD all the way to the DSP displays ?

Now wrestle with ID41 vs Pi.



Don’t get me started on ID41 not being able to receive DSD…

I wonder if the raspi would support multichannel output to the ID29 on the 861v8 … or perhaps a HAT that outputs Speakerlink :smile:

getting close to a solution that supports 100% of my audio files . with a first class interface … I guess as a lifetime subscriber I should have patience :smile: