Meridian Director stops while shuffling playlist [Solved; Resync delay]

Not trying to be too much of a pest, and I am truly appreciative of Harry, Nathan, and other’s efforts to simplify the OS implementation of a Roon endpoint.

My Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry HAT functions perfectly. Its just like playing music directly from my Roon core PC.
My Meridian Director DAC, however, when connected to the Raspberry Pi via USB is unable to shuffle my playlist. It often simply stops at the end of a song and will only progress with another press (or two or three) of the play button on the remote.

Is this issue related to the RoPieee OS or is it a Roon issue? Or is the Meridian Director just not compatible with a RPi, Roon, and changes in sampling frequencies from 44.1 to 192 KHz. Note the issue does seem to be most problematic when shuffling from one resolution to another. The lights on the Meridian go out, then flash as if the device is attempting to re-lock onto a new signal.

I do think the Meridian sounds a bit better than my HiFiBerry DAC + Pro.

I really don’t want to mess with another OS like DietPi, because I’m old and not all that tech savvy. I love how simple Ropieee is to install and use.

Thanks for any comments!

I think I may have my problem resolved. Within the Roon Device Setup, General tab I noticed a “Resync Delay” option. The description says, “this gives hardware a chance to synchronize to the new rate before music starts.”

I found a delay of 3s seems to be about right for my RPi / Meridian Director endpoint.

My initial testing is positive. I think this is case closed!

Thanks all!

Hey @John_Eaton,

Thanks for letting us know the solution. 3s seems a bit much, but if it works for you – great!

Now enjoy some mixed playlists or Roon Radio! :smiley:

Thank you Rene,

Just for fun I dialed the Resync Delay back to 2s. At that setting, most of the time it will transition from one resolution to another, but every now and then it won’t. It was fine for an hour or so, but the music stopped when going from a 96KHz file to a 44.1 file. At 3s it seems to be bulletproof.

The slight increase in delay between songs is no bother for me. After several hours of listening I’m happy to have the Meridian Director working well in the living room. It sounds just a bit more lifelike and dynamic than the amazingly capable HiFiBerry DAC + Pro.